Write and Call Your Commissioners


Write a Letter to Johnson County & Douglas County, KS Commissioners

Are you concerned about Large Scale Industrial Utility-Scale Solar Power Facilities in our communities?

Take the time to write to ALL County Commissioners directly to share your thoughts and concerns.

YOU CAN USE THE SAME MESSAGE ON EVERY COMMISSIONER LETTER, you do not need to go to the work of crafting individual messages to each Commissioner.

THE GOAL is to let our County Commissioners and all elected and appointed officials know how Citizens feel about 1,000s of acres of Industrial Utility-Scale Solar Power Facilities sited in our communities.


In effort to make it easy for citizens we have prepared County Commissioner Letter Templates as an editable multi-page Word document, CLICK HERE or on the download button below to download the document.  You do not have to use this document to write your letters it’s totally up to you.


Each of the individual letters to each Commissioner, in both counties, is on a separate page. You can simply type your details in where indicated, add your letter message, print them all at once, sign each, place in envelopes, stamp each with a First Class Stamp and send!

NOTE:  The name and mailing address for each Commissioner is in the top left of each letter. We’ve also include all Commissioner Names and Contact information below.

Thanks for contributing to the letter writing! Be sure to use first class postage when you mail your letters out so the letters get to the Commissioners as quickly as possible.


FEEL LIKE CALLING TOO?  Click on the Buttons Below to Access Johnson County & Douglas County, KS Commissioner Contact Information