Map of NextEra’s Proposed Solar Project


How Would This Impact You?

Below is an Interactive/Layered Google map of the area effected by NextEra’s proposed development site for a 3,200 to potentially 6,000 Acre Industrial Utility-Scale Solar Facility as of 10/6/2021 (map may continue to grow or change based on NextEra’s proposal so check back).

This proposed development area is in the backyards of hundreds of people in West Gardner on both the Douglas County ,KS and Johnson County, KS sides of County Line Road.

Due to the shear massive size of this proposed development it will most likely negatively impact residents, businesses and small farmers. A short list of concerns are as follows: destroying the beautiful views, environmental and wildlife concerns, stunting economic growth in both counties, fire risks, decreased property values, potential health risks of being surrounded by radiation from electromagnetic fields (EMF), inverter noise, glare, erosion of rich soils, and flooding from storm water shed, ground water contamination from herbicides, herbicide drift, deforestation, historical preservation concerns (i.e., Oregon and Santa Fe Trails), risk to burgeoning Agri-Tourism…the list is long.

This map displays markers of the 200 family homes that are located within 0 – <1 mile of NextEra’s proposed Industrial Utility-Scale Solar Power Facility development area.

The total value of all homes (based on Zillow Zestimates as of 10/6/2021) on the Douglas County, KS side is $50,298,500 (122 homes) on the Johnson County, KS side it is
$29,807,710 (78 homes). Combined county property values TOTAL approximatley $80,106,210.

The median home value in this area on the Douglas County, KS side is $382,000, on the Johnson County, KS side it is $301,000

The lowest home value in this area is $44,000 and highest $1,790,000.

Homes with “Unknown” Zillow Zestimates were valued at the conservative “median” in this area, for each county. So for Douglas County, KS the median used was $382,000 for Johnson County, KS the median used was $301,000.

There are also hundreds and hundreds of more homes within the slightly extended 1- 1.5 mile radius of this proposed development. The area is burgeoning with new home construction, home sales, new business and agriculture ventures.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This map also displays the outline of the 9,000 Acre Sunflower Ammunitions Plant Brownfield Site. This site is currently being cleaned up by the US Government/Army and is a perfect location for Utility-Scale Solar Power Facility development.

We are not against green energy and solar if it is developed responsibly. The current proposed location is not responsible it is too close to dense rural population (family homes, businesses and small ag).
The risk of negative impacts is much too high.

Outline of Development Area sourced from: