Citizens Have Big Concerns 


Below you will find links to Utility-Scale Solar Topics of Concern:  Articles, Research, Videos and Comments curated by the Citizens of the United States of America.

The content presented here is the result of the many, many hours citizens (from all walks of life and ideations) have spent diving into the details of Utility-Scale Solar and sharing information with one another.  We encourage all Americans to get involved, be informed and contribute their voices.  Citizens can submit stories and comments to:

Problems with Utility-Scale Solar Power Facilities

This section contains discussion around the “problems” with renewable energy technologies.  What happens when Utility-Scale Solar ends up hurting humans, wildlife and the planet as a whole?  Understanding the many complexities of Utility-Scale Solar is critical before decisions are made.

Utility-Scale Solar and How it Can Hurt Humans and Our Planet

County and City Government Impacts

This section contains concerns over tax abatements for Industrial Utility-Scale Solar Developments, unreliable dispatchable electricity (energy insecurity), increased electrical rates, county staffing and administration challenges, negative impact on long-term economic growth of counties.

Concerns Over Negative Impacts of Utility-Scale Solar on Economic Growth of Counties

Property Valuation Impacts on Surrounding Properties

This section contains comments on Utility-Scale Solar and what has been observed and studied with regards to negative impacts to surrounding property values.  Content was curated from Appraisal experts, property value research studies (not many out there since large scale industrial solar power facilities near human populations/homes, within less than 1 mile, is a new concern).

Concerns Over the Impacts of Utility-Scale Solar on Property Values

Heath and Safety Concerns

This section contains discussion on fire risk hazards related to large lithium-ion battery energy storage systems, inverters and solar arrays.
Also health concerns around Utility-Scale Solar noise, glint and glare and long-term exposure to low-level radiation produced by EMFs (electric and magnetic fields) from concentrated Utility-Scale Solar inverters, transmission lines and battery storage facilities in close proximity to and in some cases surronding homes.

Utility-Scale Solar Lithium-ion Battery Storage Facility Fires

Storm Water Run-off, Erosion and Flood Concerns

Increased stormwater runoff from utility scale solar facilities during both the construction phase and ongoing operations is a serious issue. During construction the land is scraped of vegetation and bare ground is exposed to rain and wind. Stormwater runoff will result in costly erosion, flooding and sediment buildup causing harm to connecting tributaries, eco-systems and landowners.

Utility-Scale Solar Soil Erosion, Storm Water Run-off and Flooding Concerns

Videos That Illuminate Utility-Scale Solar Concerns

This section contains a collection of videos, spanning all topics.  If you don’t like to read articles, these videos are helpful in explaining many of the concerns outlined above.  Additionally you will find comments from both Douglas and Johnson County, KS Concerned Citizens and past County Planning Commission Public Meetings.

Solar Farms Kansas Citizens Voice Their Concerns