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Thank You for Building Awareness of the Negative Impacts of Irresponsibly Placed Industrial Solar Facilities!

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Douglas County, KS & Johnson County, KS are both being approached by energy companies with potential proposals for massive Industrial Utility-Scale Solar and Lithium-ion Battery Storage Facilities.  Although utility-scale solar facilites could provide clean energy, they could also degrade the quality of life for hundreds of area residents and negatively impact agriculture, wildlife, existing businesses and long-term economic growth.

Please add your name below to join with us in urging the Douglas & Johnson County Commissioners to adopt regulations that will safeguard area residents, agriculture, wildlife, businesses and long-term economic growth while accommodating the need for responsibly designed and placed Industrial Utility-Scale Solar Facilities.

CLICK HERE to view an aerial map of just one proposed Utility-Scale Solar Facility project site that energy company NextEra has been working on securing ground leases for over the last 3 years. The map also displays homes that are 0 – <1 mile from this particular site. This project alone would turn 3,200 to potentially 6,000 acres of agriculturally zoned land into Industrial Utility-Scale Solar. The massive footprint of these projects will impact our communities in many ways.  How do you feel about these types of industrial projects around populated areas?

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